Knowledge for Well-being

Educational Philosophy and Founding Vision

Waseda Health Sciences Education Corporation (Japan)

Educational Philosophy

In order to foster the human qualities that establish selfreliance, one must attain the highest level of practical skills and special knowledge. Medical professionals who understand the needs of patients and carry a deep respect for humanity can offer services that are truly necessary. We are living together in this society, where our lives have meaning, and where we can enjoy the passion and pride of one’s occupation.

University of Human Arts and Sciences

Founding Vision

Human beings are social creatures with a connection between mind and body. Furthermore, we have continued to evolve throughout history.

In order to live robustly in the 21st century, each one of us needs a firm sense of values with a new perspective and orientation.

We must have the ability and courage to determine our own future.

This requires an interdisciplinary synthesis of scientific inquiries into the mind, body, and culture of human beings.

By establishing the University of Human Arts and Sciences that offers a new approach to learning and the integration of knowledge,

we aim to cultivate human beings with a true understanding of humanity, a spirit of self-reliance and interdependence, and thereby nurture vitality and creativity.