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Department of Health and Nutrition

Department of Health and Nutrition(License Education)

The Purpose of Education

To foster human resources pursuing relationships between life and nutrition from scientific and integrated standpoints. They can perform health and medical services of today.

Feature of Department of Health and Nutrition


Fostering Registered Dietitians who are good at medicine

We prepare elaborate laboratory works and practices for students to understand food and nutrition from a scientific perspective and to gain the abilities to analyze and apply these practices. Students can also gain an understanding of the human body through many professors with medical licenses.


Studying the background of food

Students learn not only individual eating habits but also the societal and cultural backgrounds of health and nutrition. This department fosters the ability to correspond various health issues of modern society through interdisciplinary approaches.


Curriculum focused on practices, well-prepared for national examination

The department offers courses for students to considerably improve communication skills. This is highly relevant since Registered Dietitians will have many professional opportunities to teach and instruct later in their careers. Programs for Registered Dietitians start from the first year.

Laboratory works

Cooking Study

Students develop an understanding of the basic and advanced techniques of cooking and scientific cooking.

They also develop the knowledge of instructing cooking and understanding Western, Eastern, and Chinese menus.

Biochemistry Practicum

Students learn the basic techniques required for the practice of nutrition by utilizing knowledge from lectures.

Students also gain an understanding of the component of trial medicine, as well as the mechanism of chemical reactions occurring within a body through various practices.


The curriculum is structured to impart the special knowledge necessary for a Registered Dietitians, based on a comprehensive understanding of human beings.

  First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
  ・Health Sciences of the Mind and Body
・Introduction to Life Sciences
・Communication Exercise
・Mind Science
・Daily Activity and Environment
・Basic Life Science
・Basic Chemistry
・PE Theory
・Information Use Practicum
・Nutritionist Basic Practicum 1
・Developmental Psychology and Environment
・Practical Physical Education
・Nutritionist Basic Practicum 2
・Nutritionist Basic Practicum 3
・Food Culture
・Food and Nutrition Theory
・Introduction to Behavioral Sciences
・Management Nutritonist Basic Practicum 4
・Basic Statistics
・Elderly Care
・Medicinal Cooking
・Introduction to Cultural Sciences
・Psychiatric Social Work
Society /
・Lifestyles and Health ・Bodies and Health
・Public Hygiene
・Elderly Health Support
・Public Hygiene 2  
Body / Disease ・Biochemistry
・The Structure and Functions of the Human Body 1
・The Structure and Functions of the Human Body 2
・Biochemistry Practicum
・The Mechanism of Disease I
・The Mechanism of Disease I
・Dissection Biology Practicum
・Clinical biochemistry
・Nutrition and metabolism Practicum
・Communicable Disease
・Immunology (Allergies)
・Cells and DNA
・Brain Sciences
Food and Health ・Food and Health Practicum
・Food Science
・Food Practicum 1
・Food Theory
・Theoretical Practicum 1
・Food Sciences Overview
・Cooking Practicum 2
・Cooking Study
・Food Hygiene
・Food Hygiene Experiment
・Food Management Theory
・Food Studies Experiments II
Basic Nutrition ・Nutrition and Metabolism      
Applied Nutrition   ・Nutrition Overview
・Nutrition Overview
・Applied Nutrition Practicum
・Nutrition Assessment Theory  
Nutritional Education     ・Nutrition Education
・Nutrition Education Practicum Ⅰ
・Counseling Theory
・Counseling Practicum
・Nutrition Education Practicum II
・Nutritional Guidance Theory
Clinical Nutrition   ・Clinical Nutrition ・Clinical Nutrition 2
・Clinical Nutrition 3
・Clinical Nutrition Practicum 1
・Clinical Nutrition Practicum 2
・Nursing Prevention and Prevention
Public Nutrition   ・Public Nutrition ・Public Nutrition 2
・Public Nutrition Practicum
・Regional Nutritional Practicum
School Lunch
  ・School Lunch Management
・School Lunch Practicum
・School Lunch Management  
Overall Review       ・Nutritionist Overview Practicum
Clinical Practice     ・Clinical Work ・Clinical Work
Graduation Research       ・Graduate Thesis
Teaching Teaching Nutritional Teaching
(type 1)
    ・School Nutrition Guidance Theory 1
・School Nutrition Guidance Theory 2
・Educational Nutrition Education Practicum