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The Purpose of Education

To foster human resources with a comprehensive understanding of human beings from the aspects of mind, body, and culture. The benefit of this understanding can contribute to constructing a society comprising people who have good mental and physical health.

We comprehensively examine the multi-faceted nature of humankind via a three-way approach in order to deepen our understanding of humankind and broaden our horizons.

Human arts and sciences is an entirely new academic field revolving around the multifaceted study of humankind from the point of view of mind, body and culture. Working across a wide range of fields including life sciences, brain sciences, psychology, cultural sciences and intercultural communication, our aim is to explore and establish a comprehensive understanding of humankind in response to the question “what is human existence?” This makes it possible to explore and create knowledge in a more dynamic manner including integrating knowledge across different fields in new ways that would be impossible within a conventional subdivided academic framework, gaining insight based on a broad perspective and creatively coming up with new ideas.

Academic knowledge that will become the practical knowledge of each individual to lead more proactive and healthy life

Health Sciences of Mind and Body

Health Sciences of Mind and Body is a new academic discipline created by the University of Human Arts and Sciences. This discipline focuses on the organic correlation of the mind and body of human beings and scientifically and theoretically systematizes the phenomenon that is shown by the correlation between the mind and body. The aim is to consider the health of human beings comprehensively.

Health Sciences of Mind and Body is a compulsory subject for both the Faculty of Human Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences, and its research is conducted at the graduate school. It is a comprehensive academic discipline based on the correlation of mind and body and will serve as a milestone in discovering solutions for health issues in the world’s future societies.

The Concept of Health Sciences of Mind and Body

In evolutionary history, beginning with the inception of the universe and the earth, the human race has evolved, repeatedly spurred by both chance and inevitable events, resulting in the creation of our cultures and civilizations. The health sciences of mind and body is an academic discipline that perceives the existence of humanity in its entirety, integrating not only the reciprocal interactions between the mind and body, but also elements such as society, culture, and the environment. It integrates a wide range of sciences related of life, humanity, and the mind, to create…Knowledge for Well-Being.

Learning Online

We offer a full range of online tuition to make it easier for people to fi nd time in their busy lives for learning.

Students can take classes in taught subjects and even sit fi nal exams in text-based subjects, all via their computer.

What is online tuition?

“I want to continue working while I study.” “I want to study without a set timeframe.” ‘“I live too far away to attend taught classes.”

Online tuition is a study system that caters to needs such as these.

Essentially, the system enables students to take classes in taught credits from home via the Internet, instead of attending classes in person.

Tuition procedure

Students take online courses via recorded teaching materials streamed over the Internet, starting from chapter one. They then sit a recap test for the relevant chapter and, if they pass, proceed to the next chapter. Once students have reached the fi nal chapter, they are required to submit a fi nal report. If their report is given a passing grade, they receive accreditation for the relevant credit or credits.

Streaming recorded teaching materials

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Department of Human Arts and Sciences Curriculum

Course Title The Number of Credits
Text Online
Schooling Online Tuition
Core Courses
Introduction to Human Sciences 2 2
Introduction to Behavioral Sciences 2 2
Introduction to Life Sciences 2 2
Introduction to Cultural Sciences 2 2
Combined Courses
Health Sciences of the Mind and Body 2 1  
Human Sciences 2 2
Health Sciences 2 2
Stress and Health 2 2  
Mental and Physical Medicine 2 1
Bioethics 2 1
Understanding Mind and Heart
Human Relationships 2 2
Developmental Psychology 2 1
Adolescent Psychology 2 1  
Industrial Psychology 2 1  
Social Psychology 2      
Transactional Analysis 2 1
Counseling Theory 2 2  
Counseling Practice 2   2  
Modern Family Theory 2    
Mental Defense Mechanisms and Reactions 2    
Introduction to Psychology 2      
Psychology Research Methods 2      
Basic Psychology Experiments I     1  
Basic Psychology Experiments II     1  
Basic Psychology Experiments Ⅲ     1  
Clinical Psychology Practice     2  
Mental Health 2    
Mental Health Nursing 4   1  
Community Psychology 2      
Psychological Statistics I T 2   2  
Psychological Statistics I S     2
Psychological Statistics II S      
Industrial Counseling 2   1  
Educational Psychology (Learning and Development) 2    
Elderly Psychology 2      
Approaches to Human Understanding: Focus on Clinical Psychology     1
Understanding Body and Health
The Structure and Functions of the Human Body 2 2  
Nutrition and Metabolism 2 1
Brain Science Theory 2 1
The Mechanism of Disease 2   1  
Clinical Pharmacology 2      
Public Health 2    
Women's Body and Health 2    
Older People's Body and Health 2    
Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous 2 1
Physiology of Exercise 2 1
The Environment and Hormones 2      
Introduction to Health Education 2    
Applied Nursing 2      
The Science of Aging and Lifespan 2    
Immunology (Allergies) 2 1
Preventive Nutrition 2 1
Life and Genes 2 1  
Health Promotion for the Elderly 2    
Theoey of Adolescent Nursing 2   1  
Lifestyles and Health 4    
Introduction to Nursing 4   1  
Introduction to Rehabilitation 2      
Study of Sports Injuries 2    
Sciences of Life 2    
Old Age Nursing 2   1  
Regional Nursing 2      
Clitical Care 2      
Palliative Care 2      
Recovery from Disorder 2   1  
Understanding Culture and Society
Comparative Culture 2 2
Eastern Culture 2    
Western Culture 2 1
Japanese Culture 2      
Comparative Arts 2    
The Concept of Japanese Buddhism 2    
Religious Anthropology 2    
The View of Human Being 4    
Modern Society and Lifelong Learning 4      
Community Welfare 4    
Medical, Welfare and Aging Society 4    
Medical Professional and Life-Long Learning 2      
Traditional Medicine 2      
Lessons in Modern Life 2    
Food Studies 4 1  
Birth of the Earth and Life 2      
Cultural Anthropology of Life 2      
Global Environmental Issues 4    
Cross-Cultural Communication 4    
Human Evolution 2      
Law (Japanese National Law) 2      
Introduction to Educational Studies 2    
Theory of Presentation 1    
Theory of Leadership 1    
Graduate Thesis
Theory of Presentation 4   4  
Special Lectures
Special Lecture on Lifelong Learning     1  
Special Lecture on Lifelong Learning Internet Tuition 1-4     each 1
Basic Courses
English: Speed Reading Exercises 2    
Information Processing Exercises     2  
Writing Research Papers     1
University Introduction Seminar     1  
Courses for Teaching
Introduction to Teaching 2    
Educational Programs 1    
Educational Methodologies 1    
Moral Educational Guidance Theory 2      
Special Activity Theory 1      
Student Guidance Theory 2      
Educational Counseling 1    
Practical Exercises for Teaching     2  
Practical Care     5  
School Health 2      
Introduction to Care 2      
Health Counseling Activities 2      
Practical Nursing        
Practical Physical Education I 1      
Practical Physical Education II 1      
Practical Physical Education Ⅲ        
Practical Physical Education Ⅳ