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University of Human Arts and Sciences

The Purpose of Education

Faculty of Human Sciences

■ Department of Human Arts and Sciences (Distance Learning)

■ Department of Health and Nutrition (License Education)

■ Department of Health Food Sciences

To enable human resources to develop a strong sense of responsibility and inner motivation through our comprehensive education and research of understanding human beings, and to contribute to the pursuit of happiness and health of human beings, as well as the construction of a vital society that is rich in humanity.

Faculty of Health Sciences (License Education)

■ Department of Nursing

■ Department of Rehabilitation

To foster human resources devoted to the ethics and mission of a healthcare professional and the need to practice certain skills. They possess a comprehensive understanding of human beings, based on “Health Sciences of Mind and Body,” cooperate with various related professionals, and can contribute to society.

Message from the President

Takeshi Kusumi

Ph.D. in Medicine, M.A. in Clinical Psychology


President of the University of Human Arts and sciences.
Dean of Human Arts and Sciences Graduate Division.
Professor of Faculty of Human Arts and Sciences.
Director of the Institute of Health Sciences of Mind and Body(HSMB), Human Arts and Sciences Research Center (HASREC).

Faculty of Human Arts and Sciences

“Learning” and “understanding” involve the nature of well-being engraved into DNA

Today, our society face with fourth industrial revolution by force of economic development, borderless movement of people and goods, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) era. We enjoy affluent and healthy life in such a society. But some problems that threaten people's health is also being created at the same time ,aging society and shrinking population, lifestyle-related diseases invited by 24-hour society, food fraud, an outbreak of emerging infectious disease and so on.

To explore the nature of human beings, e.g. what is human, what is life, what is health and so on, we try to understand human comprehensively and systematically from three aspects “mind”, “body”, and “culture”.

Department of the Health Sciences of Mind and Body, which is distance learning course, was established in 2000 (at same time the UHAS was founded). In this course, many students study while working (as allied health professionals), and they have a strong motivation to “learning” and “understanding”. So, this “strong motivation” is nothing but the energy generated from will to express their humanity and engraved into DNA. Get the nature of well-being in our university course together.