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What is Health Sciences of Mind and Body?

The Goals of Health Sciences of Mind and Body

The “Health Sciences of Mind and Body” we are promoting is a new academic discipline investigating questions about “life, health, and spirit” based on an understanding of the organic relationship between mind and body. Who would we recommend study this new academic field? First of all I would suggest that this includes everyone with an interest in the essential questions like “What is life? What is human being? What is health? and “What is the mind”

The reason for this is because the cutting edge sciences, now reaching the 21st century, have begun to elucidate questions about various life phenomena and the uniqueness of human beings that hitherto have been a mystery. Furthermore, the results of these scientific investigations have begun to have a direct impact on our daily lives. In particular, knowledge about health in body and mind founded on science has become indispensable in our society with mounting issues of stress and our desire for life-long health.

As stated in the text, “Health Sciences of Mind and Body” regarding lifelong health, “It is necessary to obtain accurate and comprehensive information about health and to discriminate and choose an even better way of life.” A key feature of Health Sciences of Mind and Body is to create “knowledge for well-being” with a multifaceted and comprehensive understanding of human being with mind-body correlation as the axis. What is being asked of all of us living today is to draw on various branches of science to find the best way to live.

In this sense, a person can reach an understanding the true meaning of mind-body health and lifelong health only by learning Health Sciences of Mind and Body. Thereby one can recognize the importance of “knowledge for well-being” and “skillful navigation of life.” We believe this learning will give rise to a desire to further improve one’s life.

If people all over the world were to understand the Mind Body Health Sciences and individually created more “knowledge for well-being,” this practical knowledge will support basic knowledge and thinking for overcoming difficulties faced by everyone who lives on this earth. This will then serve as our foundation for living a better today and creating a better tomorrow. We believe the concepts offered by Mind Body Health Sciences will become widespread as a common understanding among humanity and that this will create a common bond of “knowledge for well-being.” In this way the environment of the earth as well as our social environment can evolve in a better direction.

What is Health Sciences of Mind and Body?

“Health Sciences of Mind and Body” considers human beings as an integrated whole of organic interrelationships between the functions of each body part, activities of the mind including cognition, affect, and volition, as well as the interaction of social, cultural, and environmental factors. In order to apprehend human beings from this holistic perspective, interdisciplinary research in various scientific fields concerning humans is conducted. This includes brain science, physiology and immunology, evolutionary anthropology and natural evolution, developmental and cognitive psychology, and traditional East Asian medicine. The academic discipline or educational field that aims to construct this integrated theory is called “health sciences of mind and body.”