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Health and Nutritional Sciences Master’s Program

Pursuing the relationship between healthy mind and body and nutrition and diet scientifically and comprehensively

Message from Director

Research relationship


diet and nutrition

Everyone knows that diet, which is the root of life, is the key to influencing people’s health.

Additionally, progress in the sciences and our modern complicated society has brought public attention to the relationship of nutrition, behavior, and mind. Furthermore, it is evident that the relationship between mind and behavior forms a traditional food culture through the interaction of diet and regional society. This master program aims to foster human resources with comprehensive knowledge about the phenomena of the diet and to contribute to modern society.

Director of Health and Nutritional
Sciences Master’s Program
Tamotsu Kuwata

Head of the research center of nutritional science, and Director of Headquarters of Executive Directors of the Meiji Dairies Corporation.
Lecturer of Showa Women's University and Life World Watch Center at Ochanomizu University.
Deputy chair of International Life Sciences Institute.

Foster the practical and advanced ability to maintain and improve individual health and diet with knowledge corresponding to modern measures of health, forming advanced knowledge and techniques corresponding to modern health and medical services.

Human resources we foster


Conduct advanced nutritional management and instruction as a member of a medical team in hospitals,

and participating in treatment and prevention in the area of clinical nutrition.


Conduct nutritional instruction of individuals while learning techniques of counseling at welfare

institutions, schools, or companies.


Engage in research and educational activities.

Master's Program


Basic Courses Introduction to Nutrition and Health of Mind and Body / Nerve and Endocrinology Life Science Specifics / Psychology Specifics / Theory of Life Ethics Specifics
Specialist Courses Health Sciences Area Conscious Behavioral Science Specifics / Higher Order Brain Function Studies Specifics / Organism Protection Specifics / Molecular Nutritionology Specifics / Anti-Stress and Food Lifestyle Specifics / Nutrition and Immunology Specifics
Nutrition Area Life Cycle Health Nutrition Specifics / Disease Types and Nutrition Specifics / Nutritional Medicine Specifics / Food Studies Specifics / Food Functionality Specifics / Food and Culture Specifics
Research Guidance Health and Nutrition Sciences Research